Trillium luteum AGM


Trillium luteum

Habitat: part shade, woodland

Flowering: mid spring to early summer

Height: 20 cm

Width: 25 cm

Soil: with plenty of humus

These excellent woodland plants come mainly from North America, with most species in the eastern part, some in the west (with a gap in between), and a few stragglers in Japan and China. As their name implies, they have three of everything: three large leaflets, often beautifully mottled, on each of the leaves, three sepals, and at the centre of the leaves the flower, with three petals, sometimes long and narrow and sometimes broad and showy. They are slow to raise from seed, but once established each thick rhizome gradually multiplies, eventually giving fine clumps. They are all good plants for a leafy soil in a shady places, and the best are stunning. All are well worth waiting for.

Trillium luteum has mottled leaves, and flowers with three long, quite narrow petals yellow or bronze, extremely long-lasting.
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Trillium - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Trillium catesbyi has nodding pale pink flowers on short stems arising from the centre of the group of three leaflets.
trillium_chloropetalum_giganteum.jpg Trillium chloropetalum var. giganteum is always a magnificent plant, but our strain seems to be particularly favoured. Year after year several plants are hauled from the ground, stuffed into a pot, and dragged to the flower shows, returning home with first prizes and trophies. The three large leaves on each stem are heavily patterned with dark maroon spots. At the centre of the leaves sits the flower, with three sepals and three deep maroon petals, long and narrow, and lasting for more than a month.
invisible.gif Trillium chloropetalum white-flowered is the white-flowered form of this popular woodland plant. The leaves have the familiar mottled pattern and the spring flowers are white, shading to pale pinky-red towards the centre.
trillium_erectum_red2.jpg Trillium erectum has plain green leaves and deep maroon red flowers on short stems arising from the centre of the leaves. This is one of the quickest species to form a good clump.
invisible.gif Trillium erectum 'Beige' is a form of a species that comes in a range of colours, with white and deep red being the most usual. There are other colours, and the creamy yellow of this form is quite unusual.
trillium_erectum_red2.jpg Trillium erectum red-flowered is a deep red-flowered form of a species that comes in a range of colours. These plants are seed-raised, so the flower colour cannot be guaranteed, but it would be very surprising if they did not come true. The leaves of Trillium erectum are pure green, without any of the mottling effect that is found in some species.
invisible.gif Trillium flexipes is distinguished by its nodding flowers, held below the three leaves. They are large, up to 5 cm wide, usually white, but occasionally maroon. However, even with dark coloured flowers the ovary is always white.
invisible.gif Trillium govanianum has brown red flowers.
trillium_grandiflorum.jpg Trillium grandiflorum is the most familiar of the trilliums, but still the most popular. It is the state flower of Michigan, where it can cover acres of woodland with its large, white, three-petalled flowers in early May. It multiplies reasonably quickly, and can make enormous
trillium_pusillum.jpg Trillium pusillum has plain green leaves with three leaflets, relatively long compared to their width, and white flowers, fading to pale pink, on short stems arising from the centre of the leaves. Delightful: much more delicate than most of its cousins.
invisible.gif Trillium recurvatum is sometimes known as the prairie trillium, but it is nevertheless a woodland plant. Its leaves are mottled with pale grey over the green background. In the middle of the leaves sits the flower, usually maroon, like a plum, with three short incurved petal
Trillium Trillium sessile has mottled leaves with three leaflets, and deep red flowers with quite long, narrow petals, growing right in the middle of the leaves.
invisible.gif Trillium simile is a very attractive large Trillium species which has large white flowers with a dark purple eye. Native to parts of the Appalachians, it is also known as 'confusing Trillium'!
invisible.gif Trillium sulcatum has dark red-maroon to purple flowers.
invisible.gif Trillium vaseyi has deep red, scented flowers with quite long, recurved petals, sitting at the centre of the three leaves. From the south-eastern United States, and slow to grow to full size.