Thymus serpyllum 'Russetings'



Habitat: rockery, scree, troughs or in paths


Soil: gritty, well drained


Height: 3 cm


Flowering: spring


Width: 20 cm



Most members of this genus make low, spreading mats with small leaves along the stems, and are strongly aromatic. They are robust enough to stand being walked on, so can be planted where they will spread into a gravel path. The flowers, dense terminal clusters, are usually in shades of pink, but there are also white varieties, and some with yellow or variegated foliage. For good measure, you can eat them.

Thymus serpyllum 'Russetings' is a vigorous variety with deep pink flowers.
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Thymus - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Thymus 'Hartington Silver' makes a mat of creamy white variegated leaves, and has pale pink flowers. It is also sometimes known as Thymus 'Highland Cream'.
invisible.gif Thymus 'Silver Queen' is a lemon-scented thyme with silver and cream variegated foliage.