Symphytum grandiflorum



Habitat: sun or part shade


Soil: any good garden soil


Height: 20 cm


Flowering: spring


Width: 50 cm



Most of the members of this genus have 'comfrey' in their common names, but only Symphytum officinale is called just comfrey, without another epithet. They have traditional uses as medicines (on burns and wounds - eating or drinking extracts is not recommended) and for making fertiliser. They have sprays of flowers in various colours, usually rather small compared to the amount of foliage.

Symphytum grandiflorum is a useful ground cover, flourishing with us equally well in dry and damp areas, and easily controlled if it goes beyond its permitted bounds. It layers itself as it goes, giving clumps of tough leaves, above which are the flowers, off-white, with, as the wine buffs would say, a hint of apricot.
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Symphytum - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Symphytum ibericum is known as the creeping or Iberian comfrey, and looks rather like the common comfrey, but makes rather lowers mats of leaves, and the flowers, which are tubular and are clustered towards the tips of the stems, are white, flushed with a hint of pink.
invisible.gif Symphytum 'Icy-Ness' is an excellent ground cover with lovely icy blue flowers. It came to us from Ness Gardens, where they have bred some first-rate garden plants, many of them with 'Ness' in the name.