Spiraea henryi


Spiraea henryi

Habitat: partial shade

Flowering: summer

Height: 2 m

Width: 1.0 m

Soil: any good garden soil

A genus of small, hardy, deciduous shrubs from around the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, with the greatest concentration in east Asia. The herbaceous species that used to be included in the genus have now been separated out as Filipendula and Aruncus. The remaining shrubby ones are characterised by have arching branches that can be packed with masses of white or creamy flowers.

Spiraea henryi comes from the central and western China, where it grows in woods and 1500 to 3000 m. It is a compact, multibranched deciduous shrub, with dense heads packed with masses of white flowers with pink stamens, and with leaves that turn bright red in autumn. The name commemorates Augustine Henry (1857-1930), who discovered this shrub during his travels in China.
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Spiraea - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Spiraea chamaedryfolia is a species that comes from Europe through Asia to Japan, producing arching sprays of white flowers. It is sometimes known as the elm-leaf spiraea or germander meadowsweet.
invisible.gif Spiraea densiflora is also known as Spiraea splendens, and in its home on the mountains in the west of America from California to British Columbia is also also occasionally called mountain spiraea, dense-flowered spiraea, rose meadowsweet, rosy spiraea and subalpine spiraea. It is a real mountain plant, growing altitudes from 600 to almost 3500 m, so it appreaciates cold, moist, rocky slopes. It has fuzzy masses of fragrant, bright rosy pink flowers.
spiraea_douglasii.jpg Spiraea douglasii is a deciduous shrub from damp or wet places in forests in the western states of the United States amd Canada. It has upright spires of many rosy pink flowers.
invisible.gif Spiraea hayatana comes from the mountains of Taiwan, where it grows at high altitudes. It is a compact, multibranched deciduous shrub, with small (3 to 4 cm long) leaves and rounded dense heads of white flowers with pink stamens.
invisible.gif Spiraea rosthornii is a spreading, deciduous shrub with pointed eaves, bright green but slightly downy on the upper surface and more so on the underside. It produces flattish clusters (corymbs) packed with white flowers, so it is quite showy when in flower.
spiraea_kr5272.jpg Spiraea schneideriana was collected by Keith Rushforth, and so far we don't have a name for it. It makes a small shrub of short branches with masses of small, round leaves, which turn to bright yellow in autumn, when it is most attractive.