Silene saxifraga



Habitat: screes and rocky places


Soil: gritty, preferably limestone


Height: 15 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 15 cm



This is the campion family, with some tiny alpine cushion plants, and some larger herbaceous species. Most of the ones that we grow come from high in the mountains, but sizes are variable. They all have the characteristic five-petalled flowers, often with a distinctive and attractive striped and coloured calyx.

Silene saxifraga makes loose cushions of slender, bright green leaves, with short stems carrying many flowers with five divided petals, white but often pink on the reverse. It is native to mountains in the southern parts of Europe.
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Silene - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Silene davidii is a species from the Chinese mountains, making neat, compact cushions of narrow leaves, with large flowers, rose pink, which therefore make it an extremely attractive alpine plant.
silene_hookeri_bolanderi.jpg Silene hookeri is a particularly lovely tufted Silene native to Northwest America. Clear pale pink to salmon-pink flowers up to 6cm across are borne above downy elliptic leaves. The petals bear such deep lobes that they appear double in number. Prefers some protection from winter wet.
silene_schafta.jpg Silene schafta is an easy rock garden plant, making a broad clump of stems with bright green leaves, with masses of very bright, deep pink flowers, continuing to bloom over a long period.
silene_zawadskii.jpg Silene zawadskii is an eastern European mountain plant, with tufts of glossy leaves, the upright stems carrying a few white flowers.