Scabiosa graminifolia 'Green Dome'



Habitat: rocky places


Soil: dry, gritty


Height: 30 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 20 cm

  scabiosa_graminifolia2.jpg   scabiosa_graminifolia.jpg    

  Scabiosa graminifolia   Scabiosa graminifolia    

The scabious are lovely summer-flowering perennials, the larger ones suitable for the herbaceous border, the smaller ones at home in the rock garden. All like open sunny sites and well-drained soil. The flowers are characteristic, with a central zone of florets with prominent stamens, surrounded with rays, the prominent metals making the flowers quite showy. The whole flower is the same colour, usually in the lilac to pink range, but there are some pale yellow ones.

Scabiosa graminifolia 'Green Dome' is a woody tufted perennial, which forms loose cushions. Grey or silver-green grass-like leaves complement the lilac-pink flowerheads. It likes dry, hot conditions and would be suitable for a dry, sheltered wall.
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Scabiosa - some other suggestions
scabiosa_caucasica.jpg Scabiosa caucasica is a lovely scabious, with dissected, deep green foliage, very low, with relatively large lilac-coloured flowers. We get a few self-sown seedlings, the furthest about 40 cm from the original plant after 10 years. How long to travel the length of the Caucasus?
invisible.gif Scabiosa drakensbergensis is remarkably like a white-flowered form of Scabiosa columbaria, although it comes from South Africa rather than from Europe (including Britain). How did it come? A son, passing through South Africa on his way home from the Antarctic, as one does, finds himself sleeping in the Drakensburg mountains (part of the travels with a bin bag saga). The seeds of the scabious tend to stick to clothing, e.g. socks. It (the plant, not the clothing) has proved to be hardy, and has even produced a few self-sown seedlings. It is a first-rate plant for attracting insects, particularly hover flies.
scabiosa_graminifolia.jpg Scabiosa graminifolia makes loose mats of grey-green, grassy foliage, agains which the lilac-coloured flowers look delightful. As a southern European plant, It likes sunny places, and is good in a rock garden or near a dry, sheltered wall. It can be helpful to divide the plants every three years or so, to keep them vigorous.
scabiosa_japonica_alpina.jpg Scabiosa japonica var. alpina is a perennial, whereas the straight species is biennial. It produces blue flowerheads with ray-like outer florets. The pinnate basal leaves have deeply toothed lobes.