Rhododendron 'Scarlet Wonder' AGM



Habitat: part shade


Soil: humus-rich, moist but well drained


Height: 1.5 m


Flowering: spring


Width: 2.0 m



In the wild species of dwarf Rhododendron cover huge areas of moorland and mountainside in western China and the Himalaya. In the garden we make do with a few plants, but their range of colour (mainly pinks and purples, but including white, yellow and red) and their reliable flower power make them invaluable for sites that are not too dry or (with some exceptions) too alkaline.

Rhododendron 'Scarlet Wonder' is a compact evergreen with small leaves. Very free flowering with deep, cardinal-red, frilled flowers.
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Rhododendron - dwarf varieties - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Rhododendron 'Blue Tit Group' is a hybrid derived from Rhododendron impeditum, making a compact shrub, albeit larger than its parent, but retaining the lavender blue flowers that are so typical of the species.
invisible.gif Rhododendron 'Dora Amateis' is an excellent dwarf shrub with tight clusters of white flowers tinged with pink.
IMG_7649.jpg Rhododendron fastigiatum is one of several species in sub-section Lapponica with purple flowers over blue-green foliage.
rhododendron_hippophaeoides.jpg Rhododendron hippophaeoides is rather taller than most members of the dwarf Lapponic sub-section, and in the wild it grows in quite wet places. In the garden it does well without requiring an unsually wet place, although it flourishes in damp spots, and it produces its full trusses of small pale purple flowers reliably each year.
rhododendron_impeditum.jpg Rhododendron impeditum is one of several species in sub-section Lapponica with purple flowers, and blue-green foliage.
invisible.gif Rhododendron nivale subsp. nivale (= R. paludosum) is one of the Lapponica sub-section, with tiny leaves and bright purple flowers.
invisible.gif Rhododendron 'Ptarmigan' is an excellent hybrid, with quite dark foliage acting as a foil to the pure white flowers, abundantly produced.
rhododendron_pumilum.jpg Rhododendron cf. pumilum is a lovely dwarf evergreen in which the flowers are produced singly or in groups of just two or three. They are little cups, with a slightly pinkish purple colour - plum would be fair description.
invisible.gif Rhododendron 'Shamrock' is a dwarf evergreen shrub with clusters of pale yellow flowers. It can cope well on a rock garden in full sun.
invisible.gif Rhododendron trichocladum is a small shrub with a rounded, open structure, leaves with hairy margins, and clusters of pale yellow flowers, which first open before the new leaves appear, but remain flowering until early summer. It was first collected by Delavay in 1885.
invisible.gif Rhododendron 'Wren' has pure primrose-yellow flowers, which are openly funnel-shaped. Small glossy dark green leaves turn bronze in the winter. Ideal for a small garden.