Rhododendron Choptank River hybrid


Rhododendron choptank x flammeum

Habitat: sunny, open hills

Flowering: late spring

Height: 2 m

Width: 2.0 m

Soil: acid, with humus

These deciduous azaleas include both species and hybrids, mainly originating in America. We are particularly grateful to Mike Creel of North Carolina for seed, much of it from his own hand-pollinated plants.

Rhododendron Choptank River hybrid is a cross between yellow and orange-flowered deciduous azaleas.
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Rhododendron - azaleas - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Rhododendron ex canescens x atlanticum 'Confetti Creeper' is from seed sent by Mike Creel, who raises hybrid american azaleas. The seed parent is a hybrid of Rhododendrons canescens and atlanticum, in which the petals are narrow, so this characteristic is likely to show up in the offspring.
invisible.gif Rhododendron periclymenoides ex double flowered form is grown from seed of the double flowered form of this pink rhododendron.