Primula sieboldii AGM



Habitat: part shade


Soil: with both grit and humus


Height: 20 cm


Flowering: late spring


Width: 20 cm

  primula_sieboldii.jpg   primula_sieboldii_close.jpg   primula_sieboldii_white3.jpg

  Primula sieboldii   Primula sieboldii flowers   Primula sieboldii white form

This Japanese species has been something of a cult plant in its native country, with hundreds of named varieties grown. It appears well on in spring, flowers quickly, and by late summer has vanished again - but somehow it manages to increase quickly, despite this limited growing time. Light green hairy leaves form the background for the heads of large flowers, which can be white, pink, purple, almost blue, with petals rounded or jagged - great variability. The species is a member of the Cortusoides section, the other members of which are listed as another group.

Primula sieboldii represents a mixture of varieties, covering the whole wide range of the species.
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Primula sieboldii varieties - some other suggestions
primula_sieboldii_white2.jpg Primula sieboldii 'Snowflake' is a white form in which the petals are deeply cut, so that the overall impression of a flower is remarkably like a snowflake.