Primula sharmae



Habitat: open, sunny position


Soil: gritty, well drained


Height: 10 cm


Flowering: spring


Width: 10 cm



Plant in the Pulchella section have clumps of long, narrow leaves, with plenty of yellow farina on the under side, in winter with large resting buds. The flower stems carry loose heads of flowers, often large and therefore particularly attractive.

Primula sharmae comes from Nepal, and makes small rosettes of leaves, with relatively large, deep blue flowers with a small white eye. It is best if given shelter, in a cool part of an alpine house or in a shady frame.
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Primula Pulchella section - some other suggestions
CHI_0657.jpg Primula pulchella is a pretty species, rarely offered for sale, often found in meadows in areas that are kept relative dy by rain shadows of high mountains. The flower stems may be no longer than the leaves, or twice as long, and carry loose heads of up to 15 large, rich pink, yellow-eyed flowers.