Primula rosea AGM


Primula rosea 'Grandiflora'

Habitat: wet or very damp places

Flowering: early spring

Height: 10 cm

Width: 15 cm

Soil: with lots of humus

The Oreophlomis section includes Primula rosea and some relatives, and their hybrids. They are lovely spring flowers, all in shades of pink, for cool and damp places, benefitting from being divided every few years, in which case they will soon increase substantially. The leaves of most kinds are bronze when they first emerge in spring.

Primula rosea is one of the earliest primulas to flower, and its bright rose pink flowers look lovely against the emerging foliage, which is bronze coloured at that time. Later the flower and then seed stems lengthen, as the leaves become green.
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Primula Oreophlomis section - some other suggestions
primula_auriculata_olgae3.jpg Primula auriculata is a species from eastern Turkey through the Caucasus, with neat tufts of leaves, upright when flowering starts. The flowers are in a tight head, almost spherical, and usually are a good, rich reddish purple or deep pink colour, sometimes paler.
primula_johanna_close2.jpg Primula 'Johanna' is a lovely hybrid derived from Primula warschenewskiana and P. rosea, which makes low mats of round leaves, and lots of short-stemmed rosy pink flowers, the pink colour lightening to white towards the centre, and then a distinct bright yellow eye.
primula_rosea.jpg Primula rosea 'Grandiflora' has brilliant deep, rose pink, yellow-eyed flowers, which first open as the bronze foliage appears, and the stems grow taller as the leaves get larger and turn green. A delightful plant, which thrives in even the wettest places.
primula_warshenewskiana.jpg Primula warshenewskiana is a tiny primula, which makes mats of small leaves and has lovely bright pink flowers low down on the surface of the qtrfoliage. It will do best if the spreading mats are split up every year or two, after flowering.