Primula reidii



Habitat: part shade


Soil: with grit and humus


Height: 15cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 15 cm



The Soldanelloides section contains some of the most desirable Asiatic primulas. The flowers, superficially like those of Soldanella, the European snowbell, are more or less cup shaped, white or cream or ethereal pale blue, with a darker brown or purple hairy calyx, and wonderfully scented. A few of these flowers, quite large, are held on each short stem, above a rosette of hairy leaves. They arenít easy to grow, but in a cool place, with protection from winter wet, it is not too difficult, and it is certainly worth the effort.

Primula reidii is a much loved Himalayan primula,with very fragrant white flowers borne on a stem above a rosette of hairy leaves. Not particularly easy, any seed should be kept and sown.
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Primula Soldanelloides section - some other suggestions
primula_reidii_williamsii.jpg Primula reidii var. williamsii is one of the most attractive Himalayan primulas (although it has many competitors), with its visual beauty matched by its scent. The rosette of soft, hairy leaves emerges in spring, and soon sends up the ste, with around half a dozen large, hanging, cupped flowers, pale blue in this variety, with purple, hairy calyces. It dislikes heat, dryness in summer, wetness in winter, and aphids, but otherwise isn't at all fussy.