Primula x pubescens ex 'Boothman's Variety'


Primula 'Stuart Boothman'

Habitat: rock gardens, raised beds and under cool glass

Flowering: spring

Height: 15 cm

Width: 20 cm

Soil: with grit and humus

This name refers to hybrids between Primula auricula and Primula hirsuta, although some varieties probably have more complex ancestry. All have leaves without farina, often somewhat sticky, and have short flower stems bearing heads of the colourful flowers.

Primula x pubescens ex 'Boothman's Variety' has as yet unidentified flower colours.
9 cm pot £7.00

Primula pubescens hybrids - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Primula x pubescens 'Freedom' is a very reliable Primula for growing under glass or in a sheltered place outside. It has serrated leaves and short stems with clusters of purply pink flowers, uniformly coloured, i.e. without the paler eye so often found in this kind of Primula.