Primula melanantha 'Moonshine'



Habitat: partial shade


Soil: moist but well drained


Height: 30 cm


Flowering: spring


Width: 15 cm

  primula_euprepes10.jpg   primula_euprepes20.jpg   primula_euprepes23.jpg

  Primula melanatha 'Moonshine'   Primula melanatha 'Moonshine'   Primula melanatha 'Moonshine'

This is the maximowiczii sub-section of the Crystallophlomis section - which sounds like some detailed botany is coming up. In fact these are distinctive and easily recognised plants, most of which are outstandingly beautiful. They make clumps of leaves from which arise tall stems carrying a cluster of short-stemmed flowers, which may be pale yellow, an unusual bright brick red, very dark red and even black. The petals are usually recurved to some extent. Most are strongly scented.

Primula melanantha 'Moonshine' is quite exceptional. A black primula has been reported for some time, but in 2006 photographs appeared of plants with really black flowers, with barely a hint of purple at the base of the corolla, and overlapping petals, the flowers enlived by an almost crystalline appearance of the petals. The stems are thickly coated with farina, making the flowers even more dramatic. 'Moonshine' is a selected clone with very dark flowers, good broad petals, and with outstanding contrast between the black and white on the flowers and stems. It is a pin form. Previously it was known as Primula euprepes, and before that as Primula advena var. euprepes, described as having chocolate coloured flowers, and coming from eastern Tibet. Primula szechuanica var. euprepes and Primula maximowiczii var. euprepes have also been used as names!
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Primula Maximowiczii subsection - some other suggestions
primula_handeliana_x_maximowiczii.jpg Primula handeliana x maximowiczii is the hybrid of two species, both with whorls of flowers with strongly reflexed petals, pale yellow in the case of Primula handeliana and intense red in Primula maximowiczii. The hybrid has apricot orange flowers.
invisible.gif Primula tangutica x maximowiczii is the hybrid of two species, first made by Stuart Pawley. Primula tangutica has very dark red flowers with narrow, reflexed petals, and in Primula maximowiczii the flowers are bright crimson, and the petals are broader but more strongly reflexed. These plants will be intermediate, and should be unlike any other primulas grown so far.