Primula kisoana



Habitat: partial shade


Soil: with grit and humus


Height: 20 cm


Flowering: spring


Width: 15 cm



These are woodland plants, with soft, hairy, more or less round leaves, which may be lobed or slightly toothed, and loose umbels of bright pink flowers, sometimes with two or three whorls of flowers. The plants in the genus Cortusa have now been shown to be Primulas, and their DNA puts them in the Cortusoides section. What a surprise! The ones that look like Cortusa really are the same thing. However, we still list them separately as Primula (Cortusa). We also list the varieties of Primula sieboldii separately, although that species is in the Cortusoides section.

Primula kisoana comes from woodland in Japan. It is a rosette-forming primula with rounded, slightly lobed leaves. The flowers are somewhat tubular, pink-purple in umbels of 2 - 6.
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Primula Cortusoides section - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Primula cortusoides is a name under which the plants formerly known as Primula cortusoides and Primula saxatilis have been brought together. One is from the Urals and western Siberia and the other from far eastern Siberia and northern China. They make clumps of long-stemmed, slghtly hairy leaves, with rather tall, slender flower stems carrying typically six to twelve starry, bright rose pink flowers in a loose umbel. This will do well in a partly shaded place, with soil that drains well.
primula_heucherifolia_sdr7877a.jpg Primula heucherifolia has pretty rose purple flowers, sometimes with a cream eye. These form a head of up to 12 slightly drooping blossoms, which are held on a slender stem above the distinctive kidney-shaped, pale green leaves with scalloped margins, reminiscent of a zonal geranium - hence the name. They originate from the eastern Himalayas and parts of south-west China, including Xizang.
invisible.gif Primula jesoana var. pubescens comes from mountains in Japan. It has rounded, lobed leaves, which in this variety have long, spreading hairs on the stems. The flower heads are made up of superimposed whorls of pink flowers.
primula_polyneura.jpg Primula polyneura is an easy plant for a shaded place. The leaves are thick, softly hairy, and the flowers are particularly bright, in somewhat tighter umbels than is the case for many members of the section.
invisible.gif Primula cf. septemloba has rounded, lobed leaves with stems rising above, carrying a cluster of funnel-shaped, bright pink flowers, slightly hanging. The overall impression is like that of Primula matthioli (Cortusa), and it likes a similar cool, shaded site.