Polygala chamaebuxus AGM


Polygala chamaebuxus

Habitat: rock garden or raised bed

Flowering: summer

Height: 10 cm

Width: 30 cm

Soil: with grit and humus

Most of the milkwort family are ephemeral little blue jobs, and with one or two notable exceptions barely worth a second glance. This one is more substantial, with woody stems spreading underground to give a low mat or done, liberally sprinkled with the colourful flowers.

Polygala chamaebuxus is the parent variety of the species, with bicoloured buttercup and pale yellow flowers.
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Polygala chamaebuxus - some other suggestions
polygala_chamaebuxus_grandiflora.jpg Polygala chamaebuxus var. grandiflora has flowers that are yellow with very deep, slightly purplish red wings. (They are described in some books as rose purple, which I find unhelpful, never having seen a purple rose.)