Polemonium pauciflorum subsp. hinckleyi


Polemonium pauciflorum subsp. hinckleyi

Habitat: sunny places

Flowering: late spring

Height: 25 cm

Width: 30 cm

Soil: with grit and humus

There are just a few dwarf, high alpine polemoniums, coming from the western USA. Most grow in areas that are dry in summer, so protection from too much water in summer is valuable, as well as from our damp but relatively warm winters. If grown in an alpine house or cool greenhouse, the strong, foxy odour of some species may be apparent.

Polemonium pauciflorum subsp. hinckleyi is a variety of a species from Mexico and the southwest of the United States, with hairy, sometimes sticky, pinnate foliage on branched stems, with loose clusters of light yellow flowers with a reddish tinge to them. This sub-species comes from just one county in Texas and one in Arizona.
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invisible.gif Polemonium viscosum is a gem, but quite tricky to grow. It makes a low tuft of sticky, softly hairy leaves, deeply lobed, with loose heads of flowers of a beautiful pale sky blue, occasionally deeper blue or pink.