Polemonium caeruleum


Polemonium caeruleum

Habitat: open, sunny position

Flowering: summer

Height: 60 cm

Width: 30 cm

Soil: any good garden soil

These are lovely herbaceous perennials, making clumps of upright stems, with pinnate leaves. The tops of the stems are clothed with many fairly small flowers, usually blue, but white in some forms, and there are species with yellow flowers.

Polemonium caeruleum is the species name, so in principle it covers all varieties of the species, but in practice you should expect blue flowers.
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Polemonium caeruleum and relatives - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Polemonium brandegeei is an unusual variety of 'Jacobs Ladder' with tubular flowers, straw-coloured, with a purple tint, which appear above the typical, feathery foliage.
polemonium_caeruleum.jpg Polemonium caeruleum subsp. caeruleum is the usual form, native to Europe, including Scotland, with lovely light blue flowers.
polemonium_caeruleum.jpg Polemonium caeruleum subsp. caeruleum f. album is a form with pure white flowers.
invisible.gif Polemonium caeruleum var. lacteum is a white-flowered variety.