Podophyllum peltatum



Habitat: full sun or partial shade


Soil: well drained, humus-rich soil


Height: 50 cm


Flowering: mid to late spring


Width: 30 cm



This is a small genus of excellent, striking plants. One of them, Podophyllum peltatum, is an architectural plant with large leaves; the others are smaller, but have foliage that is remarkably patterned and coloured, as well as having dramatic shapes. The flowers tend to be partially hidden under the foliage, but are well worth looking for. They are followed by large, coloured fruit. Some people have transferred all species except P. peltatum into a separate genus, Dysosma, but there are strong grounds for keeping them together. However, it is generally agrred that Podophyllum hexandrum is distinct, and it is now known as Sinopodophyllum hexandrum.

Podophyllum peltatum is the Mayapple, from rich woods with open canopies in Canada and eastern U.S.A. Plants produce either one or two leaves which are yellow-green, deeply lobed and held like an umbrella, but it is only the two-leaved plants that will develop a solitary, sa
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Podophyllum - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Dysosma versipellis has red to purple-red flowers.