Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire' AGM



Habitat: partial shade


Soil: with plenty of humus; acidic


Height: 2 m


Flowering: spring


Width: 1.0 m



Pieris are popular evergreen shrubs for much the same situations as rhododendrons, often growing together in the wild. There are some dwarf forms, but most are capable of growing several metres tall in time. The inflorescences are hanging racemes of many small bell-shaped flowers, appearing early in the year and lasting for a long time.

Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire' has fiery-coloured foliage spring with long racemes of white flowers.
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Pieris - some other suggestions
IMH_0481.jpg Pieris 'Firecrest' was originally collected by George Forrest, and it is a particularly fine variety. The foliage is bright red as it emerges in spring, and then it turns pink, then cream, and finally dark green, and against this background hang the long racemes of creamy white flowers.
invisible.gif Pieris 'Forest Flame' is a variety selected for its bright red foliage, as it emerges in spring, then turning pink, then cream, and finally dark green - all a great background for the creamy white flowers.
pieris_japonica_minor2.jpg Pieris japonica 'Minor' is a compact, dwarf form.