Paeonia mascula subsp. russii


Paeonia mascula subsp. russii

Habitat: sun or partial shade

Flowering: mid to late spring

Height: 40 cm

Width: 60 cm

Soil: any good garden soil

Although there are many cultivated varieties of peony, we deal mainly with the pure species. These have single flowers, mainly red or pink, perhaps with white varieties, but there are also fabulous ones with pale yellow flowers. They are all herbaceous, and it is a delight to see the dark red noses of the new stems pushing through the ground in late winter, two or three where there was one the previous year, and soon a great clump of them.

Paeonia mascula subsp. russii has lovely large, violet-pink flowers over greyish green biternate leaves. It comes mainly from Mediterranean islands, from Spain to western Greece. It is sometimes labelled P. russii, but the name russoi is correct, and refers to a Sicilian botanist, Father Joachim Russo. It has also been called P. corallina var. pubescens, which tells us that the leaves are somewhat hairy on the under side.
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Paeonia - herbaceous varieties - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Paeonia anomala is a fine species, first acquired by us as some seeds, given by a friend in a botanic garden in Moscow. It has flowered well over the years - large (up to 15 cm across), purple-pink flowers, and the original plants get bigger each year. So we now have our own supply of seeds, and after a wait of several years, plants are large enough to distribute.
paeonia_veitchii_woodwardii.jpg Paeonia berezowskii is a Chinese species, very like Paeonia veitchii, but perhaps a little taller, and with darker pink flowers. A recent (well, this century) paper has lumped it in with P. veitchii, and for good measure has said that that should be regarded as P.anomala subsp. veitchii. So you have a choice of three names. Whichever you select, you will have a plant that makes a wide clump of leafy stems, usually with two or three deep pink flowers on each stem.
invisible.gif Paeonia cambessedesii is a gorgeous plant, the young growth suffused all over with red or purple tints. The dark green leaves have purple veins and are flushed red-purple below. Beautiful, wavy-margined, pink, bowl-shaped flowers are produced in spring. Although it comes from Majorca, it is frost-hardy.
invisible.gif Paeonia lactiflora 'Krinkled White' has lovely pure white flowers with ruffled (crinkled, krinkled???) petals that open widely, and are held upright above the foliage. They have prominent centres of yellow stamens, and a lovely scent.
invisible.gif Paeonia lactiflora 'Lemon Queen' has open flowers with white petals, and a mass of creamy petaloids at the centre, tipped with yellow. The seed pods ar red.
invisible.gif Paeonia x lagodechiana is a natural hybrid of Paeonia caucasica and P. mlokosewitschii, resembling the latter in its tender glaucescent leaves, but differing in having larger, pink flowers.
Paeonia Paeonia 'Late Windflower' has lots of single white flowers and fresh green, highly dissected foliage. It is an elegant plant, not big and blousy like many peony cultivars.
paeonia_mascula3.jpg Paeonia mascula is a bushy species from the Mediterranean region, bearing lovely early red flowers that are slightly more open than cup-shaped, revealing dense clusters of yellow stamens. A fairly tall peony, with broad, undivided, dark green foliage.
paeonia_mascula2.jpg Paeonia mascula subsp. mascula is a species that comes from France right through to Iran, usually growing in forests or on limestone slopes. It makes a good clump with many stems, and flowers than can be from pink to red, but usually a very bright deep pink.
paeonia_mascula2.jpg Paeonia mascula subsp. triternata is characterised by its large, rounded leaves with wavy edges. Otherwise it is generally like the rest of the species, with large, bright, rosy pink flowers, which contrast splendidly with the big central mass of equally bright yellow stamens.
paeonia_mlokozewitchii.jpg Paeonia mlokosewitschii (seed grown) is commonly known as Molly the Witch, and usually has wonderful large, pale yellow flowers with a mass of deeper yellow stamens. The wild species is not always yellow, and these are seed-raised plants, so occasionally plants can have pale pink flowers.
paeonia_mlokosewitchii_hybrid2.jpg Paeonia mlokosewitschii hybrids are seedlings from the species often known as Molly the Witch. The species has wonderful large, pale yellow flowers with a mass of deeper yellow stamens. The seedlings are intended to be the real thing, but what with bees and things sometimes they have pale pink flowers, suggesting that some other species has been sharing its genes. Still beautiful.
paeonia_obovata_alba.jpg Paeonia obovata var. alba is the white form of this species. This is the most commonly grown form, and with good reason, for it is an outstanding member of an outstanding clan. Large, pure white flowers are set off by red stamens with yellow anthers. Then in autumn it produces a second show, as the fat seed pods open to reveal shiny, darkest blue seeds mixed with brilliant red infertile ones.
invisible.gif Paeonia officinalis is known as the common peony - as if any peony should go by such a name! Each of the dark green leaves is divided into 9 leaflets. Lovely, open, cup-shaped deep pink or red with yellow stamens are borne singly in early summer. This is the classic cottage peony, with large cup-shaped deep magenta flowers and finely divided dark green leaves, contrasting well with paler hued companions. It is a long-lived species and generally happy in a range of soils.
paeonia_officinalis_banatica_ch_889.jpg Paeonia officinalis subsp. banatica is a form of the so-called 'common peony' in which the dark green leaves are more divided than usual, and open, cup-shaped flowers, rich red with yellow stamens, are borne singly in early summer.
invisible.gif Paeonia officinalis subsp. microcarpa comes from Spain, and is a variant of this classic peony with small fruit, which is not particularly important to its garden-worthiness.
invisible.gif Paeonia peregrina has stunning, bowl-shaped flowers with shimmering, satiny, deep red petals.
invisible.gif Paeonia tenuifolia 'Merry Mayshine' is a beautiful selection of this species with delicate fern-like foliage and bright crimson, yellow-centred flowers that are fragrant.
invisible.gif Paeonia triternata has broad, spreading purple-pink flowers with yellow anthers. Its blue-green waxy foliage has twisting leaflets. It comes from the Crimea.
paeonia_veitchii.jpg Paeonia veitchii forms a wide clump of leafy stems, with rich pink flowers, usually two or three on each stem. This form has more or less hairless leaves.
paeonia_veitchii_woodwardii.jpg Paeonia veitchii var. woodwardii is a fine form of this Chinese species, somewhat shorter than the standard, with some hairs on the leaves. It eventually makes a wide clump of leafy stems, with rich pink flowers, usually two or three on each stem.