Paeonia ludlowii



Habitat: sun or part shade


Soil: deep, humus-rich, moist but well drained


Height: 2.5 m


Flowering: late spring


Width: 1.5 m



Tree peonies are all lovely, with a sparse structure of strong stems, clothed in summer with multiply divided leaves. But they come in two kinds: Paeonia delavayi, a Chinese species, is a refined plant, with modest sized flowers, usually bright yellow or the deepest maroon, while Paeonia suffruticosa and P. rockii have huge blousy flowers, often in the case of the hybrids without the slightest hint of good taste. You love them or hate them!

Paeonia ludlowii is a vigorous tree peony with bright green, deeply cut foliage and large, nodding, cup-shaped, bright yellow flowers.
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Paeonia - tree varieties - some other suggestions
IMG_7851.jpg Paeonia delavayi is a Chinese tree peony, with wonderful, nodding, dark red (sometimes yellow) flowers with golden stamens.
invisible.gif Paeonia delavayi var. angustiloba is a variety of the Chinese tree peony, with lovely dark red flowers with golden stamens. The variety name implies narrow lobes, but lobes of what? The name does not appear to be validly published.
invisible.gif Paeonia delavayi var. delavayi f. lutea is a variety of Chinese tree peony with bright yellow flowers.
invisible.gif Paeonia rockii subsp. taibanshanica is a tree peony of exceptional beauty, even by the standards of this fine group of plants. It has bi-pinnate or tri-pinnate leaves and large white flowers, each with a zone of deepest red/maroon at the centre, the colour extending outwards in narrow spikes, as well as a flush of lighter red.
invisible.gif Paeonia suffruticosa is a beautiful, long-lived tree peony, with large single or double rose-pink to white flowers and deeply divided mid-green foliage.