Ornithogalum nutans AGM


Ornithogalum nutans

Habitat: sun or part shade

Flowering: spring

Height: 30 cm

Width: 10 cm

Soil: good garden soil

Commonly known as Star of Bethlehem, this genus includes some that are almost prostrate, while others are tall plants. What they have in common is their white starry flowers, carried in tight clusters. The bulbs usually multiply quite quickly, so a good display is easy to obtain.

Ornithogalum nutans is rather like a bluebell in structure, but the conical flowers are white, covered on the reverse of the petals with silvery grey-green, apart from a narrow edge strip. It is an easy bulb, multiplying well, but surprisingly rarely seen.
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Ornithogalum - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Ornithogalum pyramidale has basal rosettes of strappy leaves, with tall spikes, packed with lots of starry white flowers.
invisible.gif Ornithogalum pyrenaicum is naturalised in parts of south-west England, where it is known as the Bath asparagus, but it comes from southern Europe, as far south as Morocco and as far east as the Crimea. So the name 'pyrenaicum' does not tell the whole truth. It has narrow, glaucous leaves, and a tall loose spike of narrow-petalled, starry flowers, basically white but tinged with green or creamy yellow.