Moraea huttonii



Habitat: sunny places


Soil: with grit and humus


Height: 80 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 60 cm



A large genus, mainly from South Africa, with Iris-like flowers in a range of colours, very showy and in many cases quite easy to grow from their corms. The three large standards often have a substantial central blotch in a contrasting colour, which makes them exceptionally attractive.

Moraea huttonii can make big clumps with many tall stems, with a few bright yellow flowers with brown markings towards the centre. It comes from the East Cape of South Africa, where there is summer rainfall, and grows in places that are probably damp all year.
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Moraea - some other suggestions
moraea_spathulata_k_l_sa_90.jpg Moraea spathulata comes from the eastern parts of South Africa, but does well outside in the UK. It has a few large, bright yellow flowers on each stem.