Mimulus naiandinus AGM AM



Habitat: damp places, sun or part shade


Soil: with humus, acid


Height: 20 cm


Flowering: early summer to autumn


Width: 50 cm

  mimulus_naiandinus_mega.jpg   mimulus_naiandinus_mega3.jpg    

  Mimulus naiandinus 'Mega'   Mimulus naiandinus 'Mega'    

The trailing stems of these plants root at the leaf nodes, so they make excellent ground cover in suitably damp places. They produce lots of brightly coloured musk flowers.

Mimulus naiandinus is a magnificent form of the species that was known for many years as Mimulus 'Andean Nymph'. Everything is bigger and better than normal, and the large flowers, pale creamy yellow, stained and spotted with purple, are carried in abundance for a long time. It is easily raised from seeds or cuttings, and will usually maintain itself in a suitable cool, damp spot in the garden.
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Mimulus - small varieties - some other suggestions
mimulus_highland_red.jpg Mimulus 'Highland Red' has bright scarlet flowers, opening in succession for a long time. Great for covering wet ground.