Linum flavum



Habitat: dry grassland


Soil: well drained, alkaline


Height: 25 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 20 cm



The flaxes range from dwarf alpines to moderately tall herbs (and even a shrub), and include some excellent garden plants. The flared conical flowers are showy, and come in a range of colours, including a splendid light blue.

Linum flavum is a woody perennial producing yellow, upward-facing, open, funnel-shaped flowers in terminal clusters.
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Linum - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Linum arboreum is a dwarf, evergreen shrub (after all, the specific name means 'tree'), with bright yellow flowers, produced successively throughout late spring and summer.
invisible.gif Linum flavum 'Compactum' is a compact form which has bright yellow, upward-facing, funnel-shaped flowers that open in sunshine in summer. Commonly known as 'Golden flax'.
invisible.gif Linum perenne is a deer-resistant plant, also known as Blue Flax, and blooms profusely over the summer months. It has slender stems and lots of the light blue, five-petalled flowers. It looks best grown en masse, in rock gardens, borders or in naturalised plantings.