Lilium nepalense



Habitat: cool, shady places


Soil: with grit and humus, acid


Height: 70 cm


Flowering: early to mid summer


Width: 30 cm

  lilium_nepalense.jpg   lilium_nepalense3.jpg    

  Lilium nepalense   Lilium nepalense    

Here are all the lilies that are grown as true species, not hybrids, although they include selected forms. They range from tall plants to small alpines, with trumpet, recurved, cup-shaped and open flowers in a huge range of colours. They are good garden plants, although some require more care than others.

Lilium nepalense is a Himalayan species, highly desired for its large downward-facing greenish-yellow flowers, heavily blotched and spotted inside with dark reddish-purple. There are usually one to three funnel-shaped flowers on each stem, above lance-shaped leaves.
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Lilium species - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Lilium candidum is most often encountered as a cut flower, often at Easter, but grown here it produces its large, white trumpet flowers much later. Each trumpet is yellow at the base.
invisible.gif Lilium lancifolium 'Flore Pleno' has double orange flowers.
invisible.gif Lilium mackliniae is an outstandingly beautiful small lily from the mountains of northern India, near the border with Burma. Each stem carries a few flowers, open bowls hanging slightly downwards, white or very pale pink inside and flushed reddish purple outside. It was originally collected by Frank Kingdon Ward, and was named after his second wife, Jean Macklin. (Incidentally, Primula florindae was named after his first wife, and his daughter was named after a plant - Pleione.)
Lilium Lilium martagon var. album is a form of the classic turk's-cap lily, with its characteristic reflexed petals, which is usually pink, with maroon spots. In this variety they are white, flushed green at the base of the petals, completely unspotted, and with bright golden yellow stam
invisible.gif Lilium monadelphum pale form comes from eastern Turkey through to the Caucasus. It has large, scented flowers, in this form pale yellow. There may be many dark red spots inside, or it can be free of spots. The anthers are usually bright orange anthers. It is distinguished from Lilium szovitsianum by the fact that the anthers are fused into a tube at their base.
Lilium Lilium pumilum with brillant scarlet turk's-cap flowers.
lilium_regale.jpg Lilium regale produces very fragrant, large, trumpet-shaped white flowers that are flushed purple on the outside of the petals and have yellow centres.
invisible.gif Lilium superbum has flowers that are orange with an orange-red centre, spotted yellow.