Ligularia przewalski AGM



Habitat: sun to partial shade


Soil: moist, well-drained soil


Height: 2 m


Flowering: mid to late summer


Width: 1.0 m



These are robust herbaceous perennials with large leaves and spikes of yellow or orange daisy-like flowers. Most grow in damp places. They originate mainly in Asia, with a few in Europe, and some American plants that were known as Senecio have also been included in the genus.

Ligularia przewalski is a strikingly handsome plant, with flowering spikes packed with bright yellow flowers. It is ideal for the back of a semi-shaded border in a place where the tall stems can be protected from the wind.
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Ligularia - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Ligularia DS854 is a herbaceous perennial, with round basal leaves and a spike of yellow daisy flowers. It has not yet been identified.
invisible.gif Ligularia 'The Rocket' is the rocket indeed, with tapered, tall black spikes covered in dark yellow daisy-like flowers. The architectural large leaves are a nice dark green and deeply toothed.