Libertia peregrinans



Habitat: sunny places


Soil: any good garden soil


Height: 50 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 25 cm



These plants all make clumps of tough, stiff leaves, long, narrow and pointed at the tip. The flower stems reach above the leaves, and carry sprays of fairly small flowers, white in most species. A group of them can make a useful architectural statement, as they are evergreen.

Libertia peregrinans is an interesting plant from New Zealand, with its airy sprays of white flowers contrasting with the arrays of narrow leaves, in an unusual bronzy colour.
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Libertia - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Libertia grandiflora makes substantial clumps of stiff grassy leaves, green but tinged with yellow. There are several clusters of white flowers arrayed up the stems, and these are followed by round, pale brown fruit, opening to reveal orange-yellow seeds, so it is attractive again in late summer and early autumn.
invisible.gif Libertia pulchella blue-flowered is tufted, with grassy leaves in a fan, and blue flowers. Originally from New Zealand and E Australia, it will thrive in a gravel or rock garden.
invisible.gif Libertia sessiflora 'Ballyrogan Blue' is a hybrid of the blue-flowered Chilean species Libertia caerulescens, but with a larger flowering stem - a spike packed with lots of china blue flowers with conspicuous yellow stamens. It is reliably hardy in the warmer parts of the UK, and should only need protection in very cold spells elsewhere.