Liatris spicata



Habitat: full sun or partial shade


Soil: any good garden soil


Height: 80 cm


Flowering: mid to late summer


Width: 50 cm

  liatris_spicata.jpg   liatris_spicata2.jpg    

  Liatris spicata   Liatris spicata    

Liatris are easily grown, reliable herbaceous perennials, surprisingly rarely seen. Known in their native North America as gayfeather or dense blazing star (and also as button snakewort, which seems to me to have three incorrect descriptions in just two words!), they have dense, narrow spikes of flowers of the form commonly described as like a bottle brush - but when did you last see one of them? Imagine small thistle flowers packed together, and you won’t be far wrong. They are attractive to bees.

Liatris spicata will reward you with wonderful flowering mauve spikes on sturdy stems that are perfect for cutting. Unlike most other tall flowering plants, this one begins to flower from the tip of the spike and works its way downwards.
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Liatris - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Liatris elegans has elegant spikes of purple to pale lavender pink flowers.
liatris_spicata_alba.jpg Liatris spicata 'Alba' is a form with spikes of white flower heads, which appear in mid-summer above the grassy, pale-green foliage.