Leucojum vernum AGM



Habitat: damp, even wet, places


Soil: with plenty of humus


Height: 15 cm


Flowering: late winter


Width: 25 cm

  leucojum_vernum.jpg   leucojum_vernum_wagneri.jpg   leucojum_vernum2.jpg

  Leucojum vernum   Leucojum vernum var. wagneri   Leucojum vernum

The snowflakes are often likened to snowdrops, but similarity is really not very great. The hanging flowers have six petals (strictly tepals), each with a green or yellow mark near the tip. There are so-called spring and summer species, in reality flowering in late winter and spring. Other species, including some flowering in autumn, have been moved to the genus Acis.

Leucojum vernum is the spring snowflake. Its sturdy, leafless stems produce one or two nodding white flowers marked with a yellow or green spot at the tip of each tepal. It is good naturalising in grass, or in wet places.
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Leucojum - some other suggestions
leucojum_aestivum_gravetye_giant.jpg Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant' has a name that means summer-flowering, but that is only relative to Leucojum vernum, the spring snowflake, which does its thing very early in the year. The summer snowflake (a contradiction in terms) is much taller, and this is a particularly vigorous, l