Iris cf. pontica



Habitat: full sun to partial shade


Soil: well drained


Height: 10 cm


Flowering: late spring to early summer


Width: 8 cm



These are good, easy garden plants for sunny places and good drainage, mainly from central Asia, but with some from as far west as western Europe or as far east as China. They can make clumps of tough leaves above the mat of rhizomes, and in many species the flowers are in relatively short stems, no taller than the leaves.

Iris cf. pontica is a dwarf iris from Eastern Europe and Russia, with violet-blue flowers.
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Iris Xyridion section (Steppe or Spuria irises) - some other suggestions
iris_graminea.jpg Iris graminea makes good clumps of narrow leaves, and has purple flowers with violet falls. These are held well down in the foliage - which makes it easy to avoid collapsing tall stems, but does tend to hide its charms somewhat.
invisible.gif Iris spuria subsp. halophila is sometimes known simply as Iris halophila, which means salt-loving. The species has strong, broad leaves, and the flowers may be yellow or yellow and blue, smaller and narrower than those of the parent species. It comes from an area from Romania to central Asia.