Hosta undulata var. univittata AM


Hosta undulata var univittata

Habitat: part shade

Flowering: summer

Height: 40 cm

Width: 30 cm

Soil: with humus

Hostas are normally grown for their foliage, and cultivars have been produced with an astonishing variety of leaf shape, colour and size. Most of broad, rounded leaves with a pointed tip, and these may be blue-grey, green, yellow or cream, and striped in any number of ways with any of the other colours. Most have leaves 20 to30 cm long, but there are lovely miniatures, and a few bigger ones. Relatively tall stems carry the tubular flowers, which are almost invariably white or pale purply blue, and rarely add much to the attractiveness of the plants. In autumn they die down, so the leaves are easily cleared away, ready to emerge in spring.

Hosta undulata var. univittata has foliage patterned with wide cream centres and green edges.
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Hosta - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Hosta 'Apple Green' is a dwarf variety, making a dense mound of fresh, apple green, oval-shaped leaves. The lilac flowers are on short stems, in keeping with the stature of the plant.
hosta_blue_angel.jpg Hosta 'Blue Angel' is a very large-leaved and quite tall hosta, with a good blue hue to the foliag,e which is textured and ribbed. Tall spikes of very white flowers give good height. A big, robust, specimen.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Blue Moon' is one that has so-called blue leaves, although in reality they are glaucous, a bluish grey, but it is its very small size and neat habit, enhanced by the white flower, that make it outstanding in a prime position.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Eric Smith Gold' is completely devoid of green in its leaves, which can be described as cream, or perhaps as very pale lime green, although I wouldn't say they were golden, despite its name. Whatever you call the colour, it makes for a very distinctive plant.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Gingko Craig' is a vigorous but small variety, soon forming a good clump. The leaves are lance-shaped, dark green with narrow white margins.
invisible.gif Hosta ex 'Gingko Craig' are seedlings from a variety with lance-shaped, dark green leaves with narrow white margins. The plants are very similar to the parent.
invisible.gif Hosta 'June' is a very attractive medium-sized hosta in which the wonderful leaves have grey-blue margins and a yellow-gold centre. It has spikes of lavender flowers. It received the American Hosta Group - '2001 Hosta of the Year' award.
hosta_krossa_regale.jpg Hosta 'Krossa Regal' is a particularly strong erect form with glaucous blue large leaves and pale lilac flowers.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Little White Lines' has a neat, compact habit. The narrow leaves are green with white margins and the summer flowers are purple.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Painted Lady' is distinguished by its foliage, which is rather longer than wide, pointed at the tip, and green, with a hint of blue, and lined along each edge with a narrow strip of white.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Paradise Puppet' is a compact variety, with small, tapering green leaves and lilac flowers in summer. An excellent ground-cover variety.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Patriot' is a variety in which the lavender flowers provide added interest in late summer, over the mid green leaves, which have broad margins of pale cream.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Praying Hands' is unique in the way the leaves are rolled into a tubular shape, and are held upright, showing the prominent veins and shiny underside. The leaves are dark green and crinkled, with gold-yellow margins, and the flowers are lavender.
hosta_revolution.jpg Hosta 'Revolution' has leaves with wide, dark green margins and cream in the centre, with the green speckled through it. It has spikes of lavender flowers.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Stiletto' is an attractive, compact variety with thin ripple-edged leaves showing cream and green variegation. There are lavender-purple flowers in summer and it is excellent for growing in a container.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Twist of Lime' is one of the increasing number of dwarf varieties, in this case with the central part of the leaves being bright lime green, the edges darker, more of a blue-green.
invisible.gif Hosta 'Wogon' is a neat, small hosta with a gentle, golden green leaf colour and lavender flowers in summer. It is perfect for a container.