Erysimum torulosum



Habitat: full sun


Soil: gritty, well drained


Height: 30 cm


Flowering: mid spring to early summer


Width: 10 cm



Cultivated forms of Erysimum are known all too well as the wallflowers of municipal bedding schemes, although they have become less popular in recent years. The colourful forms are derived from equally colourful (although with a narrower palette of colours) alpine species, which are generally finely scented.

Erysimum torulosum comes from rocky ridges in British Columbia, where it is known as the snown as the 'sand-dwelling wallflower'. It has cluster of bright yellow, scented flowers.
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Erysimum - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Erysimum humillinum comes from Kyrgyzstan, and likes a sunny, well-drained site in a rock garden or raised bed. There it will make a neat tuft of narrow leaves, with short stems carrying clusters of pale yellow, scented flowers.
erysimum_pulchellum.jpg Erysimum pulchellum has a prostrate woody framework clothed in narrow green leaves, above which stand short stems of 15 - 25cm of lemon yellow flowers, which will be a delight for weeks in early summer. It spreads slowly and seeds itself too. Good placed at a dry sunny border edge.