Eryngium planum


Eryngium planum

Habitat: full sun

Flowering: summer

Height: 90 cm

Width: 30 cm

Soil: well drained; protect from winter wet

A fine genus of plants, grown for their spiky foliage and bracts, silvery blue, silvery green or just plain silver, with teasel-like heads of flowers, the shape and size of an egg, although in the same is a quail’s egg, and in other a duck’s. The plants include the sea hollies, and some spectacular ones with vicious spines. Many are monocarpic, but are easily propagated from seeds, and may seed themselves gently in the garden.

Eryngium planum has spiny, blue-tinted leaves and numerous, pale blue flowers with bluey green, spiky bracts throughout the summer.
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Eryngium - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Eryngium agavifolium is a very distinctive South American species, grown primarily for its glossy evergreen sword-shaped leaves, although the umbels of greenish-white flowers in summer are equally appealing. A valuable addition for year-round interest.
invisible.gif Eryngium alpinum is a really lovely plant with silver-blue flowers and finely divided violet-blue bracts, giving a shimmering sea-like effect. The basal rosette is composed of toothed, spiky leaves. A great plant for interesting texture and subtle colouring.
eryngium_bourgattii.jpg Eryngium bourgatii has an open, branched structure, silvery grey throughout. It has quail-egg sized flowers, but makes up for their individual smallness with the number of them. Perennial.
eryngium_olivianum.jpg Eryngium x olivieranum is a really lovely plant with silvery-violet-blue flowers and finely divided, spiky bracts, which are somewhere between silver and metallic blue. The basal rosette is also composed of toothed, spiky leaves, so it is a fine plant for for both its subtle colouring and its interesting texture.
invisible.gif Eryngium variifolium is an elegant silvery sea holly with grey-blue flowerheads and long, sharply pointed silver bracts.