Erodium x variabile 'Album'



Habitat: full sun


Soil: gritty, humus-rich, well drained soil


Height: 8 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 15 cm



This is a genus of small herbaceous perennials, known as storksbills, which is a subtle distinction from cranesbills - the closely related geraniums. However, the name Erodium is derived from the Greek for heron, whereas the Greek for stork is Pelargos - so no prizes for guessing where the name Pelargonium comes from. In all of these plants the seeds have a long pointed section, which resembles the beaks of these birds, until it is ripe, when it suddenly curls up, flinging the seed away. There are about 60 species, valued for their attractive foliage and long flowering period. They grow well in a rock garden, trough or alpine house.

Erodium x variabile 'Album' is a low, spreading perennial with attractive, scalloped leaves. It produces beautiful, white, geranium-like flowers in summer. Good ground cover to fill in gaps in the rock garden.
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erodium_carvifolium.jpg Erodium carvifolium comes from northern Spain, and has dissected leaves and stems carrying sprays of flowers of a rich pink colour.