Eritrichium aretioides



Habitat: sunny places


Soil: gritty, well drained


Height: 8 cm


Flowering: mid to late summer


Width: 25 cm



This is a genus that includes some of the most wonderful alpine plants of all. Dense, silvery hairy cushions carry masses of short-stemmed, pure sky blue forget-me-not flowers. The down side is that they can be very tricky to grow; but well worth very effort.

Eritrichium aretioides is related to the fabled European 'King of the Alps', but comes from far away - Arctic Russia, Siberia and Alaska, where it grows at low altitudes, even right by the sea. It makes dense cushions of silvery leaves, covered (if you are a good grower, and lucky) with lovely sky blue flowers.
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Eritricium - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Eritrichium villosum comes from rocky habitats in Kamkatchka, so needs protection from winter wet. It makes dense cushions of softy hairy leaves, with short stems of violet flowers, fading to blue.