Erigeron 'Azure Fairy'



Habitat: sunny places but avoid winter wet


Soil: gritty, well drained


Height: 60 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 30 cm



The fleabanes are mainly alpine plants, with neat daisy flowers, usually less showy than asters, but making up for it by having lots of flowers. These have a tight central disc, yellow, surrounded by lots of slender ray florets, white or mauve in most species, although there are fine yellow varieties.

Erigeron 'Azure Fairy' is a good plant for a summy border, where it will produces lots of quite large daisy flowers, semi-double, violet-blue with a yellow centre.
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Erigeron - some other suggestions
erigeron_compositus_discoideus.jpg Erigeron compositus makes a compact cushion of divided leaves and short stems carrying pale pinky purple daisy flowers with a yellow centre.
erigeron_glauca_four_winds.jpg Erigeron 'Four Winds' is a straightforward species to grow. It makes mats of grey-green (glaucus) foliage, and then has lots of daisy flowers, pale mauve with a yellow centre.
invisible.gif Erigeron karvinskianus is a lovely daisy, producing an abundance of yellow-centred white flowers that turn deep pink as they mature. It is a great plant for walls and crevices.
erigeron_leiomerus2.jpg Erigeron leiomerus has flowers that are usually deep blue, but sometimes white, one on each short, upright stem, above tufts of narrow, spoon-shaped leaves.