Dryopteris dilitata var. lepidota AGM



Habitat: full or partial shade


Soil: any good garden soil


Height: 50 cm


Flowering: foliage plant


Width: 80 cm



The shield ferns give interesting structure and colour in cool places throughout the summer. The pinnate fronds emerge in spring, and may have bronze or even pinkish colours at first, usually becoming darkish green. The details of the frond structure differ with the variety, and there are some remarkable cultivated forms.

Dryopteris dilitata var. lepidota forms a medium-sized clump of very finely cut, deep-green fronds, giving a lacy appearance, with the stems covered in rusty-brown scales. Semi-evergreen.
2 litre pot £8.00

Dryopteris - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Dryopteris filix-mas is the male fern, a native to Britain and much of the rest of the northern hemisphere. It is semi-evergreen, and has robust, bipnnate fronds. Good and easy as a structural plant in shady places.