Dracocephalum calophyllum



Habitat: sunny places


Soil: any good garden soil


Height: 20 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 20 cm



The name means ‘dragon’s head’. If you have a vivid imagination, you might just make the connection on a clear day. The individual flowers are typical labiates, with a broad lip, and above that a hood, and can be quite showy in some species. The flowers are in whorls, with the leaves, and as they open in sequence up the stems they give colour for a good time.

Dracocephalum calophyllum is native to China and has narrow lance-shaped leaves. The clusters of summer flowers are blue-purple, with a characteristic whorled pattern.
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Dracocephalum - some other suggestions
dracocephalum_forrestii.jpg Dracocephalum forrestii is a fine member of its genus, with spikes of substantial, deep purplish blue flowers above the finely dissected leaves, which are hairy underneath.