Dierama dracomontanum



Habitat: full sun or partial shade


Soil: moist but well drained


Height: 80 cm


Flowering: mid summer to early autumn


Width: 40 cm



For a long time there was only one species of 'angel's fishing rod' that was commonly seen, but now there is quite a variety of these unusual plants available. The rod is the flower stem, arising from a clump of iris-like leaves, arching at the top under the weight of the fish, the flowers, a group of which hang from the slenderest of lengths of fishing line, blowing in the breeze. They come from mountains in South Africa, and are normally well able to cope with British weather, even Scottish winters.

Dierama dracomontanum has rose-pink or red pendent flowers on long, nodding stalks, the petals curve outwards. As this species is not as large as some of the others it is useful for a smaller garden or a rockery.
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Dierama - some other suggestions
dierama_igneum.jpg Dierama igneum is a species with flowers that are bright scarlet.
dierama_pulcherrimum.jpg Dierama pulcherrimum is the Angel's fishing rod with deep purply pink flowers.
invisible.gif Dierama 'Tiny Bells' has very graceful tiny bell-like flowers that hang from slender, hair-like stems. Known colloquially as Angels fishing rods, Fairybells, Hairbells or Wand flowers.
invisible.gif Dierama trichorhizum is a dwarf species. The narrow, grass-like leaves reach just to between 5 and 15 cm; the slender flowering stems reach 15 cm and bear one to two racemes, each bearing one to three pink flowers. From Natal in South Africa. Probably best suited for a frame or alpine house.