Dicentra formosa 'Pearl Drops'



Habitat: sun or partial shade, damp


Soil: with plenty of humus


Height: 30 cm


Flowering: late spring to mid summer


Width: 30 cm



In this group we incude with Dicentra plants of other genera that have been separated by botanists, notably Lamprocapnos spectabils, formerly Dicentra spectabilis. They all have curiously shaped flowers, loosely described as heart-shaped, or in one case as Dutchman's breeches, one or more hanging below the stem. The plants range from substantial herbaceous kinds to high alpines, and may accordingly be easy plants for woodland or open positions in the garden, or require careful alpine house cultivation.

Dicentra formosa 'Pearl Drops' makes a lovely clump of ferny foliage, sea-green with a blue tinge. It has arching stems of pearly white flowers, tinged with pink.
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Dicentra - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Dicentra formosa is known as the western or Pacific bleeding heart, coming from the west-coast states of the USA and Canada, where it grows in damp woodland. It has finely dissected leaves and red or dark pink flowers hanging in clusters from the tops of the stems.
invisible.gif Dicentra formosa 'Cox's Dark Red' is a form of Dicentra formosa with the typical bluish-grey, divided, fleshy foliage, but it is distinguished from other varieties by the dark red colour of its heart-shaped flowers, which hang in a row below the arching stems.