Dianthus glacialis subsp. elegans



Habitat: acid rocks


Soil: gritty


Height: 10 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 20 cm



The alpine Dianthus are amongst the staples of the rock garden, providing lots of reliable colour after the first flush of spring flowers has passed. They form neat cushions of thin, pointed leaves, blue-grey in the majority of species, and have short stems, each with a few, wide-open, five-petalled flowers, mostly in the white-pink-red colour range. With over 100 European species, identification is often tricky.

Dianthus glacialis subsp. elegans makes a low hummock of dark green leaves, and has solitary bright pink flowers on short stems.
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Dianthus - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Dianthus alpinus 'Albus' is a very good form with large, creamy white flowers, over the usual mat of dark green, narrow, pointed leaves.
invisible.gif Dianthus alpinus 'Joan's Blood' has brilliant blood-red flowers with a very dark red central ring on short stems over a slowly spreading mat of glossy, slightly bronzy green leaves. It was originally raised by Joe Elliott at his Broadwell nursery, and it is said that it was named after his wife Joan, who cut her finger while pruning nearby.
dianthus_annette.jpg Dianthus 'Annette' is an excellent hybrid, making tight clumps of short, grey leaves, with lots of double, cerise flowers.
dianthus_arenarius.jpg Dianthus arenarius has narrow, grassy, dark green leaves and rather long stems, with large white flowers, the petals of which are deeply and repeatedly divided, to give an unusual feathery appearance.
dianthus_blue_hills.jpg Dianthus 'Blue Hills' can make wide mats of broad (for a Dianthus) glaucous foliage, which can be covered with mid pink flowers. It looks great over the edge of a rock.
invisible.gif Dianthus carthusianorum is a tall pink with single, scented, pink to magenta flowers with sharply spiky petals, above narrow, grassy green foliage. Its dark seed head is striking in winter. This Carthusian pink comes from the alpine meadows of central and southeast Europe.
invisible.gif Dianthus freynii is a low plant with grey-green foliage that is covered by the white or pink flowers in late spring.
invisible.gif Dianthus freynii var. nana blooms with multitudes of pink flowers that completely cover the tight grey-green foliage in early summer. An excellent trough plant.
dianthus_monspessulanus.jpg Dianthus monspessulanus has lovely, deeply fringed, pink flowers borne on slender stalks with grey-green foliage.
invisible.gif Dianthus 'Mrs Sinkins' is a classic garden 'pink' - with white flowers! They are multi-petalled, ragged edged, and extremely fragrant, so excellent as cut flowers. It was raised by Mrs Sinkins about 100 years ago, and it has been a favourite ever since.
dianthus_neon_star.jpg Dianthus 'Neon Star' is a lovely small dianthus with brilliant, glowing deep pink flowers over grey foliage.
invisible.gif Dianthus 'Night Star' has maroon-coloured petals with pale pink markings and pale pink serrated edges.
invisible.gif Dianthus 'Pink Jewel' is one of the nany hybrids that have been produced (the morals of dianthi are distinctly suspect). This one has double flowers, pink and quite small.
invisible.gif Dianthus tianshanicus is a species from central Asia, which make clumps of glaucous foliage and stems carrying several flowers in light pink or white, with the petals highly divided to give a fringed appearance.