Delphinium grandiflorum


Pale blue form of Delphinium grandiflorum

Habitat: full sun, shelter from wind

Flowering: early summer

Height: 50 cm

Width: 30 cm

Soil: good, well drained

Delphiniums range from tall herbaceous perennials to really dwarf alpines from high screes. Most have blue flowers, but there are other colours.

Delphinium grandiflorum produces open panicles of white, blue or lilac elf-cap flowers in early summer.
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Delphinium - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Delphinium cashmerianum has rich blue flowers on short stems. It is a lovely plant for the rock garden, inclined to be short-lived, so seed should be collected to ensure that there are further generations.
invisible.gif Delphinium high alpine grew in a cool, shaded, stream-side position, with moisture-lovers such as Trollius and Primula sikkimensis. Flowering with the latter, the combination of light yellow with the deep blue of the delphinium would be delightful.
NEP_5042.jpg Delphinium himalayae is a medium-sized plant, with a loosely branched structure, deeply divided leaves and spikes of intense gentian blue flowers.
invisible.gif Delphinium SDR7803 is a medium-sized plant, with a loosely branched structure, and blue flowers arrayed towards the ends of the branches.