Delosperma ecklonis



Habitat: sunny, open places


Soil: gritty, well drained


Height: 8 cm


Flowering: early to mid summer


Width: 20 cm



A South African genus of so-called ice plants, rather like Mesembryanthemums, with thick, angular, fleshy leaves. The flowers look rather like daisies, wide open and with many slender petals, but without a central disk. They are increasingly popular, and many seem to be hardy in the UK.

Delosperma ecklonis has many purply magenta flowers, very bright, rather smaller than in some of the species.
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Delosperma - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Delosperma congestum is fleshy and flashy! Mats of fleshy rosettes and bright yellow flowers characterise this surprisingly hardy plant. It should be grown in a sunny, well drained place in a rock garden or raised bed, or perhaps on a wall.
invisible.gif Delosperma cooperi has lots of bright pink flowers with narrow, spiky petals above the spreading mat of succulent foliage. Superb in a rock garden, and really cold-hardy.
delosperma_table_mountain.jpg Delosperma 'John Proffitt' has bright fuchsia-coloured spiky-petalled daisy-like flowers and succulent foliage. Superb in a rock garden.
delosperma_nubigenum.jpg Delosperma nubigenum is known as the yellow ice plant. The green leaves turn reddish in autumn. Bright, golden yellow daisy flowers are produced in summer.