Daphne laureola


Daphne laureola

Habitat: woods

Flowering: late winter to spring

Height: 1 m

Width: 1.0 m

Soil: any good garden soil

These are some of the larger daphnes, making shrubs that may be a metre or more high. They have finely scented flowers, mostly white to pink, but there are also yellow-flowered species. Most are evergreen, but there are also deciduous ones, and most have showy red or orange fruit, so are beautiful garden plants twice in the year.

Daphne laureola is the spurge laurel, native to Britain. It is a bushy evergreen shrub with thick, glossy, dark green leaves. Clusters of pale green or yellow, scented flowers are produced in late winter and early spring.
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Daphne - large varieties - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Daphne acutiloba is an evergreen shrub from China with glossy, leathery leaves. Lovely, scented white flowers are produced in terminal clusters in summer followed by fleshy, red fruits.
invisible.gif Daphne albowiana is a small evergreen shrub with bright green glossy leaves and attractive clusters of spidery yellow flowers, followed by red berries. Accustomed to forming a woodland understorey, this Daphne will bring early colour to a partially shaded spot.
daphne_bholua4.jpg Daphne bholua is an elegant, erect shrub with fabulously scented pink flowers in the depths of winter.
invisible.gif Daphne bholua 'Alba' is a white-flowered variety of this highly sought-after shrub, a variety reckoned to be even better than such well-known and well-loved forms as 'Jacqueline Postill'. It is an elegant, erect shrub, usually evergreen, with wonderfully scented pure white flowers for months, through the depths of winter.
daphne_blagayana.jpg Daphne blagayana is a prostrate, trailing daphne, with leathery, evergreen leaves (2-5 cm long) clustered rosette-like at the ends of the stems. Fragrant, creamy white (occasionally pink tinted) flowers are borne in terminal clusters in spring and can be followed by spherical pink or white fruit.
daphne_mezereum4.jpg Daphne mezereum is a small shrub, with generally upright stems, almost covered with scented, rich pink flowers early in the year, shortly before the fresh green leaves open. In a good year there will also be lots of red fruit, clustered along the stems, in August.
daphne_mezereum_alba.jpg Daphne mezereum f. alba is a small shrub, with upright stems, almost covered with scented, white flowers early in the year, shortly before the fresh green leaves open. It has yellow fruit, clustered along the stems, in August.
invisible.gif Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' is a beautiful daphne from China and Japan that provides many delightful elements to bring colour and scent to the winter landscape. The evergreen, dark, glossy leaves are edged with irregular, narrow, yellow margins; fragrant, deep purple-pink and white flowers borne in axillary clusters appear early in spring and these are followed by spherical, fleshy red fruits.
invisible.gif Daphne odora var. rubra is an evergreen shrub producing beautifully scented flowers in late winter. The flowers are described by the RHS, no less, as crimson in bud, opening to purplish red with white lobes. The associated photograph reveals the truth; the petals are white on the upper surface and purplish red below, so really there are purple-red buds and white flowers.
IMG_7952.jpg Daphne tangutica is an evergreen species with shiny, quite dark green leaves. The flowers, deep pink in bud, opening to pale pink, almost white, line the stems, interspersed with the leaves.
invisible.gif Daphne wolongensis ex 'Guardsman' are seedlings from a fine form of this relatively newly described species, but we have seen no evidence that the seedlings differ in any way from the parents. 'Guardsman' is distinguished by its rather upright branches, which carry lots of scented pink flowers, opening from deep pink buds. The flowers are followed in later summer by bright red fruit. There is some doubt about whether this is the same species as 'Kevock Star', but regardless of the taxonomy it is a fine, reliable and distinctive garden plant.
daphne_sdr2c.jpg Daphne wolongensis 'Kevock Star' is a particularly fine member of an excellent genus, which has recently been described as a new species. Its evergreen leaves are bright green, on upward-growing stems, giving a shrub that is taller than it is wide. In spring it produces masses of lovely, scented flowers, almost white inside but deep pink on the outside. Growing rapidly, it soon makes a feature in the garden, with its only fault being that one plant grew so robustly that a branch broke off under its own weight. Within a year it was impossible to tell.