Cyclamen coum AGM AM



Habitat: woodland


Soil: with plenty of humus


Height: 8 cm


Flowering: mid winter to early spring


Width: 15 cm

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  Cyclamen coum   Cyclamen coum   Cyclamen coum

Cyclamen make a most welcome splash of colour, with ne or more species in flower throughout the year. The flowers, with their characteristic reflexed petals, are in various shades of pink through to white, and the leaves are very often mottled or patterned with silver. A few species are not fully hardy, but many are, and left to seed themselves they can eventually make an impressive display.

Cyclamen coum heralds the end of winter. In some years we have even had one or two flowers open by Christmas, even in Scotland. Whenever they first reflex their petals to give the distinctively shaped blooms, they stay in flower for several months, and then show their
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Cyclamen - some other suggestions
cyclamen_africanum3.jpg Cyclamen africanum looks rather like the familiar and easy Cyclamen hederifolium, but coming from North Africa is not quite so hardy. Probably it is best in a pot in a greenhouse or alpine house, which doesn't have to be frost free, but take care if the temperature drops to
cyclamen_cilicium.jpg Cyclamen cilicium is a rare species in its native Turkey, but not difficult in cultivation. Its deep green, oval leaves are marked with silver, and the pale pink flowers have a bright magenta blotch at the base of each petal.
invisible.gif Cyclamen cilicium f. album is a pure white form of this lovely species, in other ways much like the more usual pink-flowered form. In some plants the flowers have a pink marking at the base of each petal, but in others the white is completely unmarked.
invisible.gif Cyclamen coum album is a white-flowered form of this fine species, which looks delicate with its small, round leaves, but which comes into flower in the depths of winter, and keep blooming for two to three months.
cyclamen_hederifolium.jpg Cyclamen hederifolium provides one of the delights of the gardening year, when its first flowers appear at the end of August. The pink (occasionally white) flowers appear shortly before the wonderfully patterned leaves start to unfurl, and an established plant may have hundred
cyclamen_hederifolium_album.jpg Cyclamen hederifolium var. hederifolium f. albiflorum is the white-flowered form of the easiest Cyclamen to naturalise. Seedlings normally come true, so these should all have the lovely pure white flowers.