Corydalis flexuosa 'Pere David'



Habitat: cool, shady position


Soil: with lots of humus


Height: 30 cm


Flowering: late spring


Width: 25 cm



Corydalis flexuosa was a great introduction in the 1990s, and it has also given rise to several excellent hybrids. They are all plants with delicate foliage growing through the winter, after a dormant season in late summer. Then in spring the stems are topped with the distinctive blue flowers, over a long flowering period. Each will soon form a good patch, which can be split to provide a lovely ground cover between shrubs.

Corydalis flexuosa 'Pere David' is a selection that makes a clump of upright stems, clothed with elegant, lacy green leaves, and bearing dangling tubular flowers, bright electric-blue.
9 cm pot £4.00

Corydalis flexuosa and relatives - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Corydalis 'Craigton Blue' is a fine hybrid, which looks great even when now in flower, with its red stems standing upright about bright green, deeply divided foliage. The flowers come in clusters of many individuals, each flower having parts that are every shade from white to deep blue. From a distance it looks sky blue, but definitely repays closer attention. Its main flowering season is late spring, but it just goes on and on producing more.
invisible.gif Corydalis 'Heavenly Blue' is an excellent, vigorous hybrid of Corydalis flexuosa and elata, with typical fresh green, ferny foliage and brilliant blue flowers.
corydalis_spinners.jpg Corydalis 'Spinners' is an excellent, vigorous hybrid, in appearance closer to C. elata than to flexuosa, with fresh green, ferny foliage and indigo blue flowers, which have the additional attraction of being scented.