Colchicum 'Disraeli'



Habitat: sunny position or part shade


Soil: with grit for drainage and humus


Height: 15 cm


Flowering: autumn


Width: 15 cm

  colchicum_disraeli.jpg   Colchicum    

  Colchicum 'Disraeli'   Colchicum 'Disraeli'    

Colchicums are commonly known as autumn crocuses, although there are also real Crocus species that flower in autumn - and there are a few Colchicum that flower in spring! Most of them have bright pink flowers, some of them with tessellated patterns of darker pink or purple, and there are varieties with pale pink or white flowers. In most cases the foliage appears in the spring, dying back in summer. See also varieties of Colchicum alpinum, and Merendera.

Colchicum 'Disraeli' bears beautiful, rich, magenta chequered flowers with white centres.
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Colchicum other than autumnale - some other suggestions
colchicum_byzantinum.jpg Colchicum byzantinum has lots of flowers that are amethyst-violet, with long, white perianth tubes - the lower 'stem' of the flower.
invisible.gif Colchicum corsicum is a neat, compact variety having delicate lilac-pink flowers, with rich yellow stamens, in autumn. The narrow foliage, which follows the flowers, forms tidy clumps.
colchicum_macrophyllum2.jpg Colchicum macrophyllum is attractive for its broad, shiny, pleated, bright green foliage, which has an architectural quality in the early summer. In autumn it has large, pale pink flowers, which are chequered with a slightly deeper pink. It is beautiful in both seasons.
colchicum_tenorei.jpg Colchicum tenorei is a large, free-flowering 'autumn crocus' with rose-lilac flowers, and stigmas with crimson-violet tips.
colchicum_waterlily.jpg Colchicum 'Waterlily' is a very fine 'autumn crocus' with lots of large, fully double, flowers, which are somewhere on the violet side of pink. The flowers are probably the largest doubles of all colchicums.