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Chrysosplenium macrophyllum

Chrysosplenium macrophyllum is a really excellent plant for a woodland or other cool damp place. It makes a clump of thick, leathery, slightly hairy leaves and in spring puts up a stem with an umbel of flowers that are really white, but have such prominent pink stamens that they look pale pink from a distance. These flowers are made even more impressive by large, pale green bracts. Then it produces long runners, each of which eventually gives a new plant, so over a few years it can give a substantial and extremely impressive display.

Fantastic! Large leathery leaves and clusters of palest pink flowers.

Quantity 2 litre pot
Width 50cm
Height 25cm
Family Saxifragaceae
Flowering Summer
Habitat detail damp, shady places
Garden habitat Part shade
Soil humus rich soil
Plant category Alpine
Height range 20 - 60 cm


2 litre pot
Chrysosplenium macrophyllum
Chrysosplenium macrophyllum Chrysosplenium macrophyllum
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